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Does Insurance Cover Water Damage Restoration

In most cases your homeowners insurance policy will cover water damage, fire and smoke damage and most mold damage events. It is important to read or if you have an affordable lawyer have them read the fine print in your insurance policy to determine coverage and limits of that policy. Maybe as important is to understand your responsibility as the homeowner where the deductible amount is concerned. While in the past most deductibles were written in incremental dollar amounts, today we see more and more often that insurance companies are writing deductibles in a percentage of home value, or percentage of amount owed on the property. A homeowner that has a mortgage under 20 years old can expect to pay a significant amount of money before the insurance coverage takes effect.

The math is obvious that homeowners should really understand their coverage and deductible.

Most insurance will cover water damage mitigation upfront. This allows Emergency Restoration Pros of Texas to respond in an immediate nature 24 hours a day. When claims departments are closed it is important to know the parameters in which you can call us and be assured that your insurance will cover the charges minus any deductible. Emergency Restoration Pros of Texas works for the homeowner, we don't work for or represent your insurance company. This is important as payment is the primary responsibility of the homeowner not the insurance company. Because of that the homeowner is also able to choose the restoration company of their choosing. Choose Wisely! If you have had a conversation with your Insurance Agent prior to a water damage event then you will be confident in taking prompt action when it happens. Waiting until the claims office opens only delays the drying process and we cannot stress enough how vital it is to begin the drying process as soon as possible. It will save you thousands in repairs.

Emergency Restoration Pros of Texas strives to be on the job any where in our service areas within 2-3 hours or sooner 24 hours a day. Water Damage deserves the same urgency and emergency attention as a fire does because of the amount of damage it causes. Our technicians are trained in the most recent methods used in the industry to mitigate water and moisture from flooring, walls, framing and textiles. In each of those areas the first rule is the essence of time.

If you experience a water or flood damage event in your home or business that requires restoration services call us immediately. As suggested earlier in this article have a conversation with your Insurance Agent now to determine what your deductible amount is so that you can have peace of mind when you call Emergency Restoration Pros of Texas when you need us.

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