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Burleson Emergency Water & Fire Damage Restoration

Flood & Water Damage Restoration Burleson

We are the best Burleson flood, water damage restoration & cleanup company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our damage restoration & repair specialists are exceptionally skilled in dealing with insurance claims for water, fire & smoke damage mitigation. Our damage mitigation crews are the best in Burleson for responding urgently to emergencies that can result in disastrous destruction to your property. When you call a restoration company in Burleson, it's imperative that they have a "first responder" mentality and come prepared with the proper equipment, depending on the situation. They should be able to assess the scenario quickly and provide the appropriate assistance for solving the problem. We strive to make it to the customer's home within a 15-30 minute window, to prevent as much flood, water & smoke damage as possible. We've been able to reduce a significant amount of damage on several occasions by our quick response times and adaptability to whatever situation the customer is in. At Emergency Restoration Pros, our objective is to always go through your insurance company to compensate for the repairs, restoration & cleanup costs. Instilling peace of mind in our customer's minds is a top priority for our restoration services. 


Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Burleson


When dealing with fire & smoke damage inside your Burleson home, it's important to call a fire damage restoration expert that is well versed in fire damage mitigation and restoring your property back to its original condition. With a knowledgeable fire damage contractor in Burleson, you're saving yourself from a world of monumental problems down the road. Within Emergency Restoration Pros, we have a significant amount of experience dealing with mitigations and restorations, ensuring customer satisfaction on all sides of the spectrum. We have the right crews for remodeling your kitchen, plumbers and many other specialty contractors on standby for repairing anything inside the home that was destroyed by fire damage. Our smoke damage restoration experts have the proper equipment to ensure that all smoke inside your home is taken care of. 


Biohazard Remediation & Crime Scene Cleanup Burleson


Our Burleson biohazard remediation & crime scene cleanup experts are specifically trained in dealing with cleaning & sanitizing areas where traumatic events occurred. These events include deaths, major injuries, accidents or toxic waste. It's important to call out a commercial cleanup company that has the know-how and proper equipment to handle the situation efficiently. Dealing with biohazards isn't something everyone can stomach, let alone properly clean up. Examples of common biohazard cleanups in Burleson are involving blood, human or animal remains, chemical spills, toxic waste & sewage. Another reason to call in an expert who's familiar with forensic cleanup of human bodily fluids & bloods is because infectious materials could be present. By not wearing the proper equipment to approach a crime scene, you could be contaminated. Give us a call today and we'll have your crime scene cleaned up and your biohazards remediated. 


Mold Removal & Remediation Burleson


Maybe you're experiencing mold due to excessive water damage or from not cleaning certain areas of your home. Untreated water damage normally causes mold over time, which becomes a safety hazard to whomever is living in the environment. Mold can negatively impact your health, can trigger severe allergic reactions and in extreme cases, cause death. Our mold removal experts near Burleson are highly-qualified and experienced in diagnosing which type of mold you have, how severe the outbreak is and eliminating it altogether. Sometimes we're able to prevent it by conducting water damage repairs & restoration in the early stages. By calling out our damage restoration experts, it's possible to get a mold test, which will pinpoint where the mold is the most prevalent. We offer free mold inspection services, so please give us a call today for your mold remediation needs! 


Emergency Water & Fire Damage Restoration Services Burleson


Our complete list of water & fire damage restoration services are as follows:


Water Damage Services


  • Water Damage Mitigation 

  • Water Damage Repairs

  • Water Damage Cleanup 

  • Water Damage Restoration 

  • Water Damage Extraction

  • Water Damage Removal

  • Freeze Damage Repairs

  • Flood Damage Restoration 

  • Flood Damage Removal


Fire Damage Services 


  • Fire Damage Mitigation 

  • Fire Damage Repairs 

  • Fire Damage Restoration 

  • Fire Damage Cleanup

  • Smoke Damage Restoration 

  • Smoke Damage Cleanup


Please don't hesitate to contact us for your emergency restoration service needs residents of Tarrant County & Johnson County! We serve all major cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth region such as Arlington, Denton, Colleyville, Frisco, Grapevine, Keller, Southlake, Decatur, Azle, Irving and surrounding areas.

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