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"Doing What We Say With Purpose and Care"

The Mission Statement at Emergency Restoration Pros of Texas is not just how we do Emergency Restoration Services but what we want our clients and business partners to experience during traumatic events such as a home flood, water damage event, a home fire, mold or bio-hazard discovery. Our teams are not only given training in the specific technology used in the Restoration and Remediation industry, but are also trained how to bring hope to what may seem in the chaos like a hopeless situation. We genuinely care not just about the professional and thorough way we go about our work, we also place a high value on the peace of mind and assurance that our clients feel as the result of our communication, safety standards and quality of work performed. 

Our Water and Flood Restoration, Fire Recovery, Bio-Hazard, and Mold Remediation teams are among the highest qualified in the industry. Having the assurance that Emergency Restoration Pros of Texas will perform beyond expectation is our way of bringing peace of mind and hope that everything is going to be all right. So when the need arises that you need Water Damage Restoration, when you require a Fire Recovery Team, experience a traumatic event that requires Bio-Hazard Removal and Disposal or discover Mold and need Mold Remediation we respectfully ask you for your business and the opportunity to prove that Emergency Restoration Pros of Texas ARE "Doing What We Say With Purpose and Care."

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